Manaiakalani, the hook from heaven, has become known throughout New Zealand for supporting schools in low socio-economic and challenged communities to achieve significant improvements in student outcomes, realising learners' potential and enabling digital citizenship for tauira and their whānau. The following descriptors provide entry points for learning more about Manaiakalani and the people in this partnership.

The Manaiakalani Programme

The Manaiakalani Programme (TMP) provides the framework for what we do as we educators and learners in a digital world.

It incorporates:

A team of facilitators and specialists support the implementation of the Manaiakalani Programme locally in Tāmaki and around the country, through the Manaiakalani Programme Outreach.

Dorothy Burt leads this team.




Staff Meetings/Taranaki Cluster Hui

Digital Fluency Intensive - DFI

About The Digital Fluency Intensive

In 2017 the Manaiakalani Principals in partnership with the Manaiakalani Education Trust decided to pilot a new approach to supporting effective teachers in their quest to become "At Home in  Digital World".  All our 3000+ learners now live in a digital world, and the majority of them are now being educated in digital learning environments, so it is essential that: 

Manaiakalani teachers (including those across our Network Schools) have the opportunity to join a professional learning group to learn together, following a programme designed to meet these four key goals. The Digital Fluency Intensive releases them from class one day a week for nine consecutive weeks. The cluster calendar is populated with the dates for each cohort.