Book Reveiws Needed

An Art Book  -  ABC of ART  -   What art do you like   -   check out this book designed for kids

The ART from this book is on display in the Library foyer .

? Do you have a fav - ask your kids which one/s they like best.

Gaining an opinion from students is my aim. 

I love talking to the kids about the ART they like and dislike   -   quick decide...


ABC Art Book

This book is friggin cool! The ABC's and famous works of art mixed together to enlighten my little trolls. Rhymes the sentences together and then asks a question that includes the artwork to get their brains churning and their eyes to seeing. Such a cool book. I have not seen one with art pieces like this for a board book. It is all mixed art styles dating back to 1200 BC.  Vanessa / Good Reads

Coming Soon

This is the first book in the HP Series. Read the book first, then watch the movie

We have the whole series, they are quite worn out cause they have been read so much

We have 3 books in the illustrated series too, i will buy two more this year to add to our collection

I need book reviewers

read a book and write a bit of detail about it & i can publish that, so others get an idea what the story is like.

I have bribes:

Chocolate ones

for anyone