Whānau Points 2022

The Naming of our Whānau

When Coastal Taranaki School was established in 2005, staff had the opportunity to name four new whānau.  Two staff members Deborah Haimona and Barbara Fakavamoeanga were inspired to follow a theme that would represent the community we live in. Our landscape is very significant so it was this theme that seemed appropriate.  The mountain – Maunga stands in all its glory and can be seen from all parts of Taranaki; coming from the Maunga are rivers – Awa.  Lots of families have a nearby river that they associate with.  The rivers flow through the land – Whenua which some of us have farms on, homesteads, marae and of course our homes and school.  The rivers then flow out to the sea – Moana which graces our coastline and an integral part of our lifestyle here in Okato. So for school sports, drama events and weekly Whānau activities all students are involved in one of these Whānau -  Maunga, Awa, Whenua and Moana. 

Weekly Whānau
For our weekly whānau events all whānau are divided into four groups, Tahi, Rua, Toru and Whā. Students from Yrs 1-13 are divided as a mixed aged group into these whānau groups. Students meet three times a week and this time is used to teach our values of Ako, Manaakitanga and Whanaungatanga and to teach our PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) weekly focus.