Apps & Platforms


Hero is an online sharing platform that we utilise for all our communication and reporting.

Once your child has started at Coastal Taranaki School, you will have access to their Hero account using the email address you have provided us.

With Hero you can:

We encourage parents download the Hero app for ease of use.


Hāpara (the Māori word for dawn) was born from these efforts in 2011, with the launch of its original Teacher Dashboard. Today, Hāpara has a range of products built to support educators as they create safe, personalized learning experiences.

Hāpara tools work in the classroom or remotely. If students are learning at home and are logged in to their school Google account, teachers and students can use Hāpara tools to continue their learning.

Your child can show you their Hāpara Student Dashboard on any device at any time. From there you can see what they need to accomplish so you can support their learning.

Hāpara offers digital learning tools that work with Google Classroom and Google Drive. Hāpara Student Dashboard makes it easier for your child to manage their assignments because everything they need for learning is in one spot. This helps your child stay on top of assignments and build executive functioning skills to carry with them beyond school.

Hāpara Workspace places all of the learning resources and activities for one lesson, unit or project into one place. It makes learning interactive and personalized, and your child can explore a Workspace at their own pace.