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Athletic Sports

5 Mar, 2016

Junior Athletic Sports

Tuesday 8 March 2016
Year 1-4

The Junior Athletics Sports starts at 9.20am. Students will be in Year level groups eg Year 1 Boys, Year 1 Girls and will rotate around the athletic events.

Year 1 & 2 Students will participate in the following:
Long jump, High Jump, Javelin, Discus, Shotput, Sack race, Hurdles, Egg and Spoon, 50m.

Year 3 & 4 Students will participate in the following:
Long jump, High Jump, Javelin, Discus, Shotput, Sack race, Hurdles, Egg and Spoon, 100m, 200m.

Please ensure students wear Whanau colours and bring a hat, packed lunch and drink bottle.

The school will provide sun shade and sunblock if needed throughout the day.

Senior Athletic Sports

Thursday 10 March 2016
Year 5-13

The Senior Athletics Sports starts at 9.10am

Students will be in Age /Year level groups and will rotate around the athletic events.

Year 5/6 Boys
Year 5/6 Girls
U12 Boys
U12 Girls
U14 Boys
U14 Girls
U16 & Over 16 Boys
U16 & Over 16 Girls

Events include
Long jump, High Jump, Javelin, Discus, Shotput, 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m. The 1500m and 3000m will be run on a separate day.

Please ensure students wear Whanau colours and bring a hat, packed lunch and drink bottle.

The school will provide sun shade and sunblock if needed throughout the day.

New Staff

4 Dec, 2015

2016 brings about a lot of staff changes at Coastal Taranaki School. Vacancies have been advertised, applicants have been shortlisted and interviewed and the. Appointment Committees have made their decisions.

The follow appointments have been confirmed and will take effect in 2016:

Dr Janelle McKenzie, Janelle is an experienced Area School Principal from Collingwood. She’s excited about the shift north and looking forward to starting a new adventure in Okato

New Entrant Teacher
Ulla Page, Ulla will continue working with the New Entrants at Coastal Taranaki School. Her role will include transitioning children to school lifeYear 1-3 Teacher: Jayne Stevenson, Jayne comes from Spotswood Primary School and brings a wealth of experience to the position

Year 7 & 8 Lead Teacher
Craig Taylor, Craig will be coming from Mahurangi College inWarworth, he is an experienced Year 7-8 teacher

Year 7 & 8 Teacher
Brooke Wyllie, Brooke has been involved in Taranaki Hockey and has taught previously at Bell Block Primary School

Reading Recovery
Helen Colson, Helen has been teaching for many years and moves to Coastal Taranaki School from Fitzroy School

Learning Support Year 7–13
Mark Prosser, Mark changes roles within the school and takes his wealth of knowledge in Literacy to a different level

I am sure the Coastal Taranaki School community will warmly welcome all new staff members and will embrace the exciting time ahead for our school.

Karla Ralph
Acting Principal

Principal Appointment

3 Dec, 2015

The Coastal Taranaki Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of our new principal, Dr Janelle McKenzie. Janelle is currently the principal at Collingwood Area School in Golden Bay and has been in senior management roles for many years, including academic director, dean, and staff advice & guidance roles Janelle began her teaching career as a primary school teacher and later crossed into the secondary school system; this gives her a solid background for understanding all aspects of area school education, from Year 1 to Year 13.

Janelle has strong educational qualifications to support her experience having completed a Doctorate in Education (Teacher Appraisal), a Masters in Educational Administration (hons), and a Bachelor of Education (Primary Teaching). We are confident that Janelle has the capability to lead improvement in the Board’s strategic goals. In 2016 we will be focussing on teacher performance, curriculum and communication and using these to improve on the areas ERO highlighted in their recent report. Janelle impressed us as a proven leader who has considerable change management skills, a clear and direct focus on student achievement, together with a positive manner and a good sense of humour.

Janelle has expressed that she is excited about the role and working together with the community to move our school into the future. Janelle will be bringing her husband, Rod, with her. They are both excited about the move to Taranaki and learning more about the community and the region.

We know that Coastal Taranaki School staff and parents will give Janelle a warm welcome when she joins us in Term 1, 2016.

Thank you,
Aaron Pollard (Board Chair)
Kerryn Moffitt (Appointment Committee Chair)
Coastal Taranaki School Board of Trustees

Letter to Community

9 Nov, 2015

Dear Students, Parents and Caregivers

I am writing to inform you about some changes that are taking place at Coastal Taranaki School in 2016.

Kath Lawn and Kelly Madden will be leaving us at the end of Term 4, 2015. Kelly has taken a position at Omata School, which is closer to home now she lives in New Plymouth, and will give her more time with her son and his swimming pursuits. Kath has decided to take some time out to spend with her grandchildren. You may see her back doing some relieving. I would like to thank both Kelly and Kath for their contribution to our school and wish them all the best in the future.

In 2016, Sharleen Valentine will be returning to a new role as Classroom Release Teacher instead of Teacher of Year 7 & 8. Sharleen is reducing her hours, and will spend time doing teacher’s release and wearable arts. This will allow her more time with her family.

Kind Regards,
Karla Ralph
Acting Principal

Incredible Years Parenting Programme

14 Oct, 2015

This programme is designed to develop positive whānau relationships, empower parents to make change and to manage difficult behaviour. Practical step-by-step suggestions help in handling everyday situations parents face. Learning parenting skills in a supportive group is effective and fun. Research shows this programme changes behaviour and those changes last.  Confident parents make a difference in whānau.

What is covered
Play, involvement, praise, reward, limit setting, handling difficult behaviour, problem solving, communication, giving and getting support.

What does it cost
This is a free programme. Book and programme materials provided.

How long does it run for?
Two and a half hours (mostly mornings), one day a week for 14 weeks.

For parents or caregivers of children who may have behaviour challenges,  between the ages of 3 – 8 years.  Children need to be in the day to day care of parent or caregiver.

Depending on referral numbers and location. Could be  New Plymouth / Waitara / Hawera / Eltham.

Programmes run
Every six months. February to June, and August to December.

Referral forms
Contact Trish Cover on (06) 757 6420, (0800) 333 032, or at;

Taranaki Fashion Art Awards

30 Sep, 2015

Take a look at our students’ creations for the Taranaki Fashion Art Awards this year. Great work!

Congratulations especially to Taylor Koboski, who was a finalist childs’ Pure Imagination’ category; Sarsha Dakin-Spershott, who was a finalist in the ‘Bring Mystery to Life’ category; and Jazmine Murray, who won the Gossamer Glowtime category.



Taylor Koboski


Sarsha Dakin-Spershott


Jazmine Murray

Senior Course Information

16 Sep, 2015

Coastal Taranaki School teachers have been working very hard to develop a curriculum to suit all students and their needs. It is important that our students are active participants in the learning process. As we prepare students for lifelong learning, we must provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum to create enthusiasm for learning; where students can grow intellectually, culturally, physically, and socially.

Take a look at the letters and course information booklet below for more information on our senior curriculum.

Letter to Students

Letter to Parents and Caregivers

Senior Course Information

Practice Exams

10 Sep, 2015

From 14-16 September, our senior students will sit practice exams, to prepare for NCEA and Middle School exams later in the year. To help with revision, we have prepared two guides to revision for our students. You can download these guides by using the links below.

Revision Techniques

Revision Guidance