Friends of Coastal Taranaki School

Friends of Coastal Taranaki School

Friends of Coastal Taranaki School is a group of parents who support the school by providing resources and financial support for activities and opportunities for students. Friends of Coastal Taranaki School has helped to provide:
– Sun shades and a sandpit
– Paint, books, and uniforms
– Funding for the School Enterprise Scheme
– Swimming lessons
– Subsidised class trips and activities
– Wet day activities

We invite members of the community to contribute to our committee. It’s your child’s education we are trying to improve, so come on board and give us a hand.

Our objectives are to:
– Be involved in parent education
– Hold parent-based discussions on topics relevant to the school
– Carry-out fundraising ventures
– Host social occasions
– Purchase goods and services with funds raised
– Give parents and caregivers a voice within the school

We hold a meeting once a month to discuss various school issues and organise fundraising activities. Our meetings are very social and provide a great chance to interact with other adults and meet new families in the community. Parents, teachers, and other community members are all welcome to be part of the committee.

Let us know if you would like to be involved by completing the form below.


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