English is an exciting blend of aural, written and visual text. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to interact with a variety of resource materials and engage with text using modern technologies such as interactive whiteboards.

Junior classrooms are alive with language and students through to Year 10 are assessed to ensure National Expectations are met in both reading and writing. Information about National Standards what they mean and how you can support your child can be found online at the Ministry of Education.

The Middle School (Years 7-10) encourages wide reading and promotes a variety of writing styles. Students engage with text across the curriculum whilst working to gain credits towards a ‘Middle School Certificate’. Completion of the Certificate results in teacher confidence that students are able to move on to NCEA and achieve success. Graduating students are also rewarded and their success is celebrated at the end of each academic year.

At NCEA Level One and Two newly aligned Achievement standards are used to tailor programmes that satisfy the needs of the learners. The English Curriculum is highly flexible and allows for a variety of experiences that encourage depth of thought and engagement with text. Level Two students build upon their Level One success and opportunities are made available to explore Media studies standards involving film, use of technology and print materials. The Level Two English course ensures students have opportunity to gain University Entrance.

NCEA Level Three is intended for students who wish to develop their understandings and appreciation of English language and literature further. This course focuses upon the development of ideas, crafting writing and exploration of a variety of genre. Level Three aims to challenge students perceptions and develop critical thinkers that are ready to join the work force or enter a programme of university study.

Mentoring is a crucial part of our programmes at Coastal Taranaki School and teachers make regular contact with parents and caregivers to celebrate successes and discuss learning needs. Our goal is to ensure students have the best of what is available and provide supports to assist them achieve their potential.