Visual Arts

The Arts Faculty of Coastal Taranaki School utilizes all learning areas by using them in a cross-curricular, integrated and holistic approach, which underpins essential skills. Learning opportunities are integrated into class topics, and assistance is provided by specialist teachers where it is beneficial.

NCEA credits are offered in visual arts and music. Visual arts also offer specialist classes from year 1 to 13, which supports a seamless education where students are introduced to specialist terms and techniques from a young age. Collaboration of unit planning is encouraged and specialist classes are integrated with junior school special topics.

We offer an exciting visual arts programme for senior students to develop their skills and passion of drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking.

Level one focuses on established New Zealand artist models, influencing and enabling the students to develop their ideas and skills.( while developing artistic ideas and practical skills).) Research is involved and this is classroom facilitated. The (two) internal achievement standards are designed to encourage students to problem solve and develop their ideas. These newfound skills will then assist students in creating their own portfolios for external assessment. (21 achievement standard credits are available to level one visual arts students).

At level two and three, students are encouraged to extend their ideas and develop a greater understanding of artistic processes. Internal standards involve investigation of ideas and techniques in the context of painting, printmaking as well as sculpture. The sculpture unit gives students the chance to explore new techniques and ways to convey ideas. External portfolio shows evidence of purposeful decision making regarding artist models, subject matter and fluent control of a range of media and techniques. Students interested in taking level two visual arts are generally required to have achieved level one.