At Coastal Taranaki School, our overall aim in music is to foster students’ musical abilities. Students are encouraged to appreciate a variety of musical styles through listening, singing, and playing instruments for solo and group performances.

In the junior school, children have the opportunity to move expressively to sound and different types of music, use their singing voice and match it to given pitches, experiment with percussion instruments, play along with group singing, echo simple rhythmic patterns using body percussion and instruments, and keep a steady beat using body movement, instruments and voice. Children also explore some basic music notation. The emphasis of music in the junior school is on enjoying music in a fun and friendly environment.

Throughout our junior school, children are encouraged to sing. Children are able to learn instruments more quickly and understand musical concepts more readily once they have the confidence to use their own voices. A wide variety of songs are learned during the year for group performance.

In years 8 and 9, students are offered the opportunity to explore a variety of music and develop their musical sensitivities to further to promote their existing skills and knowledge. By this stage, it is highly recommended that students have lessons on their chosen instruments with a specialist tutor.

Our year 10 programme aims to equip students with a range of skills in performance both as solo and group performers in their major instrument, in writing own music and the analysis of music works. It is a pre-requisite for students interested in enrolling in this programme to have had some tuition in their instruments. Students are encouraged to use their critical thinking skills and apply prior knowledge to be creative performers.

In year 11, a range of topics are offered to gain internal and external NCEA credits. Three core components are offered; composition, performance, and music works. In Year 12 and 13, students have the option of taking additional achievement standards and unit standards depending on their particular abilities and talents.