Our Vision

Our Vision

At the heart of our school lies our vision:

  • Our students become lifelong learners
    They are mentored to have realistic goals with a personal vision for their future. They have developed a rich conscious repertoire of thinking skills which they use with increasing confidence to lead their own learning to achieve personal excellence.
  • We create inclusive environments where students and staff feel safe, listened-to, and respected
    Hauora is ensured through our management of relationships. Our students take responsibility for their own actions. Our school respect for students is demonstrated by honouring and listening to student voice.
  • Education is about partnerships
    We connect with our community, and use community expertise. Parents are actively involved in all aspects of school programmes and through our open door policy. We engage our Māori community and encourage their involvement in our curriculum and teaching. We embrace our bicultural foundations, local heritage and value cultural diversity.
  • Our learning environment utilises different teaching techniques
    We personalise learning, and cater for all learning styles. We believe in working collaboratively to provide classroom experiences which make links within and across learning areas and sectors of the school.
  • Learning and teaching is supported and facilitated by new approaches
    Students experience broad learning contexts, and integrated learning through the creative use of e- learning strategies. We encourage students to be future focused and to think and act sustainably. Action research into ‘what works’ contributes to student success.
  • Our communication systems are transparent, open and honest
    We work collaboratively towards achieving our shared vision.

Ma te whanau, te tamaiti e puawai
By the whole community, the child will blossom