Discovering your vocational pathway is about discovering your calling and exploring your passions to ultimately find a career path that you enjoy. Support is available in a variety of ways, including scheduled careers classes, opportunities to attend expos, open days and individual meetings with the Careers Advisor.

At Coastal Taranaki School, we offer:
– A fully-resourced Careers Room
– Direct access to Careers services
– Direct access to a Careers Advisor and STAR/Gateway Coordinators
– Open ended access to Careers events, both on and off-campus

The Careers Office is located past the main office by the staff room. To make an appointment with the Careers Advisor, please make an appointment at the main office. STAR and Gateway Programmes are also available to students. This is coordinated from the Careers office.To start exploring your Vocational Pathway colour, please check out You can also start watching some interesting videos on jobs you might enjoy at