16 May, 2016

Find Your Calling

Find Your Calling

In an age where many students face an education system that binds them to following one road that may not lead to where they want to go, Coastal Taranaki School is empowering students to help create their own path.  The school timetable has allowed the development of programmes intentionally created to prepare our students for a successful journey towards a career.

Under the guidance of Careers Advisor Kathleen Saso our students have been encouraged to look ahead to determine what they need to learn now to be best prepared for the challenges of an ever-changing workplace.

First Aid courses, health and safety qualifications and CV writing have been the beginning of this programme.  Students have been placed in workplace situations designed to allow them to: explore their options, experience an authentic working environment and gain confidence.

There are high expectations on our students in these positions and they offer a realistic glimpse of the job market.

We are really proud of all of them for having the courage to try something new this year, whether that is going out to work at a new place, commit to a course at WITT, get on a city bus for the first time, meet new people or complete their CV.

Our students are undertaking a variety of new responsibilities and experiences.  We have a group of students placed at the Warehouse, on local Dairy farms, working at Heyden Priest, at Puke Ariki, at the City Fitness gym, at BTW engineering and some are attending courses at WITT.  There are many more placements offered to suit their skills and needs.

Trenten Fougere is working at Coastal Meat Processing this year.  He is enjoying his placement. He turns up to work prepared, enthusiastic and early!

The supervisor at The Warehouse is highly impressed with our students from Coastal Taranaki School because they are: tidy, Responsible and proud in uniform, show up on time-ready to work and are respectful and friendly to everyone.

This is an amazing opportunity for our students and their families to lead individual learning and create their own pathway.

Students, staff, parents and employers met to celebrate and appreciate a highly successful workplace programme.  Many thanks to Kathleen Saso for organising this event to bring together all of those involved.

– Sharleen Valentine