4 Dec, 2015

New Staff

New Staff

2016 brings about a lot of staff changes at Coastal Taranaki School. Vacancies have been advertised, applicants have been shortlisted and interviewed and the. Appointment Committees have made their decisions.

The follow appointments have been confirmed and will take effect in 2016:

Dr Janelle McKenzie, Janelle is an experienced Area School Principal from Collingwood. She’s excited about the shift north and looking forward to starting a new adventure in Okato

New Entrant Teacher
Ulla Page, Ulla will continue working with the New Entrants at Coastal Taranaki School. Her role will include transitioning children to school lifeYear 1-3 Teacher: Jayne Stevenson, Jayne comes from Spotswood Primary School and brings a wealth of experience to the position

Year 7 & 8 Lead Teacher
Craig Taylor, Craig will be coming from Mahurangi College inWarworth, he is an experienced Year 7-8 teacher

Year 7 & 8 Teacher
Brooke Wyllie, Brooke has been involved in Taranaki Hockey and has taught previously at Bell Block Primary School

Reading Recovery
Helen Colson, Helen has been teaching for many years and moves to Coastal Taranaki School from Fitzroy School

Learning Support Year 7–13
Mark Prosser, Mark changes roles within the school and takes his wealth of knowledge in Literacy to a different level

I am sure the Coastal Taranaki School community will warmly welcome all new staff members and will embrace the exciting time ahead for our school.

Karla Ralph
Acting Principal