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Start-Up Details for 2017

12 Dec, 2016

The school office will open 9am-12pm from 30th January 2017 for uniform purchases and other enquiries. Please note that the year 11-13 black and white uniform is not stocked at the school but can be purchased from The Warehouse.

School reopens for classes Tuesday 7th February 2017.

Thursday 2nd February all Year 11-13 students will be required to come into school to confirm subject selections for 2017. Friday 3rd February is a Teachers Only Day.

All bus routes will start operating on the morning of Tuesday 7 February 2017.

Stationery Lists
NE, Years 1 & 2
Year 3 & 4
Year 5 and 6
Year 7 & 8
Year 9-10
Year 11
Year 12
Year 13

Calf, Lamb, and Chicken Day

6 Jul, 2016

This event will be held on Friday, 14 October 2016. All animals must be born after 20 July 2016. Chickens are sold in pairs and supplied from Proffits Poultry. The date the chickens will be available and the cost will be confirmed. We will hold a meeting early next term to get the ball rolling. We are needing volunteers to assist with organising a successful day. All welcome. Please complete a form at the office to give us an indication of what your child would like to bring along on the day. Thank you.

Find Your Calling

16 May, 2016

In an age where many students face an education system that binds them to following one road that may not lead to where they want to go, Coastal Taranaki School is empowering students to help create their own path.  The school timetable has allowed the development of programmes intentionally created to prepare our students for a successful journey towards a career.

Under the guidance of Careers Advisor Kathleen Saso our students have been encouraged to look ahead to determine what they need to learn now to be best prepared for the challenges of an ever-changing workplace.

First Aid courses, health and safety qualifications and CV writing have been the beginning of this programme.  Students have been placed in workplace situations designed to allow them to: explore their options, experience an authentic working environment and gain confidence.

There are high expectations on our students in these positions and they offer a realistic glimpse of the job market.

We are really proud of all of them for having the courage to try something new this year, whether that is going out to work at a new place, commit to a course at WITT, get on a city bus for the first time, meet new people or complete their CV.

Our students are undertaking a variety of new responsibilities and experiences.  We have a group of students placed at the Warehouse, on local Dairy farms, working at Heyden Priest, at Puke Ariki, at the City Fitness gym, at BTW engineering and some are attending courses at WITT.  There are many more placements offered to suit their skills and needs.

Trenten Fougere is working at Coastal Meat Processing this year.  He is enjoying his placement. He turns up to work prepared, enthusiastic and early!

The supervisor at The Warehouse is highly impressed with our students from Coastal Taranaki School because they are: tidy, Responsible and proud in uniform, show up on time-ready to work and are respectful and friendly to everyone.

This is an amazing opportunity for our students and their families to lead individual learning and create their own pathway.

Students, staff, parents and employers met to celebrate and appreciate a highly successful workplace programme.  Many thanks to Kathleen Saso for organising this event to bring together all of those involved.

– Sharleen Valentine

It’s in the Bag

20 Mar, 2016

Tickets on sale now!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Doors open at 5.15pm. All must have entered by 6.30pm.

Hempton Hall, 1 Old South Road, Okato.

Enjoy a fun community event. A light supper will be provided with a cash and Eftpos bar available throughout the night. Prizes and amazing auction items.

All tickets are seated at tables. $25 per single ticket or get a group together and purchase an entire 10-seater table.

Athletic Sports

5 Mar, 2016

Junior Athletic Sports

Tuesday 8 March 2016
Year 1-4

The Junior Athletics Sports starts at 9.20am. Students will be in Year level groups eg Year 1 Boys, Year 1 Girls and will rotate around the athletic events.

Year 1 & 2 Students will participate in the following:
Long jump, High Jump, Javelin, Discus, Shotput, Sack race, Hurdles, Egg and Spoon, 50m.

Year 3 & 4 Students will participate in the following:
Long jump, High Jump, Javelin, Discus, Shotput, Sack race, Hurdles, Egg and Spoon, 100m, 200m.

Please ensure students wear Whanau colours and bring a hat, packed lunch and drink bottle.

The school will provide sun shade and sunblock if needed throughout the day.

Senior Athletic Sports

Thursday 10 March 2016
Year 5-13

The Senior Athletics Sports starts at 9.10am

Students will be in Age /Year level groups and will rotate around the athletic events.

Year 5/6 Boys
Year 5/6 Girls
U12 Boys
U12 Girls
U14 Boys
U14 Girls
U16 & Over 16 Boys
U16 & Over 16 Girls

Events include
Long jump, High Jump, Javelin, Discus, Shotput, 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m. The 1500m and 3000m will be run on a separate day.

Please ensure students wear Whanau colours and bring a hat, packed lunch and drink bottle.

The school will provide sun shade and sunblock if needed throughout the day.

New Staff

4 Dec, 2015

2016 brings about a lot of staff changes at Coastal Taranaki School. Vacancies have been advertised, applicants have been shortlisted and interviewed and the. Appointment Committees have made their decisions.

The follow appointments have been confirmed and will take effect in 2016:

Dr Janelle McKenzie, Janelle is an experienced Area School Principal from Collingwood. She’s excited about the shift north and looking forward to starting a new adventure in Okato

New Entrant Teacher
Ulla Page, Ulla will continue working with the New Entrants at Coastal Taranaki School. Her role will include transitioning children to school lifeYear 1-3 Teacher: Jayne Stevenson, Jayne comes from Spotswood Primary School and brings a wealth of experience to the position

Year 7 & 8 Lead Teacher
Craig Taylor, Craig will be coming from Mahurangi College inWarworth, he is an experienced Year 7-8 teacher

Year 7 & 8 Teacher
Brooke Wyllie, Brooke has been involved in Taranaki Hockey and has taught previously at Bell Block Primary School

Reading Recovery
Helen Colson, Helen has been teaching for many years and moves to Coastal Taranaki School from Fitzroy School

Learning Support Year 7–13
Mark Prosser, Mark changes roles within the school and takes his wealth of knowledge in Literacy to a different level

I am sure the Coastal Taranaki School community will warmly welcome all new staff members and will embrace the exciting time ahead for our school.

Karla Ralph
Acting Principal